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Man Arrested After Popping Off Shots At Another Driver During Road Rage Incident

MIAMI, FLORIDA — We’ve seen this type of thing before, and I’m not sure which one is worse. Police say two drivers were engaged in a road rage incident, and one wound up pulling a handgun and firing 11 shots at the other driver.

Eric Popper was driving on Interstate 95 in Miami last June when he allegedly changed lanes and cut off another driver, Rene Suarez, according to charging documents.

When Suarez honked his horn, Popper shouted an obscenity. Suarez then began to tailgate Popper and gestured out the window.

As Suarez passed Popper, he allegedly threw something towards the vehicle, striking and damaging it. Popper told police he thought he had been shot at.


In response, Popper popped off some shots from a handgun in the direction of Suarez, firing 11 times through his passenger side window and windshield.

Neither of the two men were injured, but both were arrested.

Popper was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is scheduled to appear in court April 28th. Suarez was charged with criminal mischief for the alleged throwing of an object at Popper’s vehicle.

No one wins in this one, and countless innocent drivers were put at risk because of some poor decisions by two individuals.

If Popper truly believed that he had been shot at, his best course of action would be to take the nearest exit and/or get away from the other vehicle. Firing your gun through your windshield while driving down the highway isn’t the correct course of action, and is irresponsible at best.

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