[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Rapper Mo3 Killed and Innocent Motorist Wounded in Midday Shooting on I-35 East

DALLAS, TEXAS — Dallas music artist Melvin Noble, 28, known in the rap world as Mo3, was chased down and shot in broad daylight Wednesday. According to police, Noble was driving on I-35 near Clarendon Drive just before noon. A suspect, who exited another vehicle and approached Noble’s vehicle on foot, was armed with a gun.

Noble exited his vehicle and ran southbound on the freeway with the armed man chasing him.  Multiple gunshots were fired at Noble, and he was struck by at least one bullet. An innocent motorist was also struck by gunfire.

The video below, purportedly Noble on the ground, is graphic and should be viewed with caution.

Both victims were transported to a nearby hospital, where Noble was pronounced dead.  The other motorist was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The police investigation continues, and no arrests have yet been made. The motive was not known and the assailant, who was described as Black, remains at large.

This brazen crime, carried out with absolutely no regard for the lives of anyone, occurred at high noon in a highly visible, highly traveled location.  It is a stark reminder that anything can happen at anytime and anyplace. Even if it was a matter between the two individuals, the gunman’s choice to carry out the crime on an interstate in a major city placed dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent citizens in grave danger.

Two days before this incident, Dallas hip-hop artist Dashawn Robertson, 20, aka “Lil Loaded”, turned himself in to police and is charged with murder in the death of the fatal rifle shooting of his friend Khalia Walker, 18, aka “Savage Boosie”. He is being held on a $500,000 bond in the Dallas County Jail.

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