[VIDEO] Robber Enters Store, Points Gun At Clerk, Owner Points Own Gun At Robber, Robber Loses

Maybe even better than this story itself is the look on the news anchor’s face in the video above when he talks about the store owner turning the tables on the robber by pulling his own gun. It’s one of those moments where you look at a person and think, “He gets it. He understands that it gives law-abiding citizens the upper hand. This is the way it should be.”

On Wednesday night at a convenience store in Bremerton, Wa, a man walked in with a gun, past customers, and right up to the register and demanded money. He pointed his handgun at the clerk behind the counter. What he failed to notice though, was the clerk’s husband standing right next to her. And guess what, he had a handgun of his own to point right back at the robber.

As soon as the robber realized that he was also staring down the barrel of a gun, he wised up quickly and decided that this was a bad place to try and rob. The NRA stickers on the door should have tipped him off, but he didn’t take the time to read them.

“It used to be they would simply take your money, and now they’ll take your money and kill you,” he said.

“I didn’t get up in the morning to take somebody’s life,” said Fee [The Store Owner]. “I’m glad I didn’t have to but it came that close.”

The robber left empty handed, but he was lucky to leave with his life. Police are still trying to find him but if they don’t, hopefully he will think twice before he tries something like this again. The next time, the store owner may not be so nice.

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