Dashcam Video Shows Driver Firing Through Windshield At Other Vehicle On Highway During Road Rage Incident


There are many things to discuss here, but let’s start with the video:

Let’s just kick this off with a list.

First: Don’t break check someone, because that’s road rage and you’re only contributing to the problem. Keep a level head and prevail by not feeding into someone else’s rage.

Second: Take an exit if someone is being aggressive to the point where you’re concerned. Its not worth any potential negative outcomes. Give them space, and either slow down yourself or get off the highway and away from them.

Third: Don’t shoot through your windshield while driving down the highway, or at all for that matter. If someone points a gun at you while you’re driving down the highway, your best bet is to get out of the danger zone. Slow down, pull to the side, take an exit, call 911. Having a gun fight while going 80 mph isn’t good for anyone.

Fourth: If you shoot through your windshield, expect that glass could be in your eyes. Again, driving at highway speed is enough to make shooting hard. You don’t need to add glass in your eyes.

Luckily they weren’t injured, but this situation could have been entirely avoided if this driver didn’t feed into the rage.

And we can see how quickly things can escalate.

Below is the full video.

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