American Tourists Take Wrong Turn In Mexico And Are Chased Down By Armed Group Who Then Try To Calm Them Down

That title sounds weird, because why would armed guys chase down two people and the immediately try to calm them down? Most of the stories I’ve found that surround this incident call the armed men cartel members, but I don’t think that’s true. Sure it’s great for clicks, but I think the reality is far more innocent.

These two Americans in the video below where in Mexico on vacation, when they took a wrong turn and were ultimately lost. Before they knew it, a vehicle was approaching them at a high rate of speed, then pulls up next to them and forces them to stop.

The driver immediately notices that they’re armed and panics, and to make matters worse, the Americans don’t speak Spanish and the Mexicans don’t speak English. If you watch the video a few times though, at least for me, it gets funnier and funnier.

The ‘cartel members’ I believe are actually regular citizens who were defending their property and/or territory, likely from actual cartel members. Once they realize the two are Americans, or ‘gringos’, one of the men pats the driver on the shoulder and says “no problem, no problem” over and over. One of the first questions the man outside the car asks is where the pair are going, seemingly trying to assist them.

Reality: This was still a terrifying situation for these two Americans, no doubt, and having a guide when traveling abroad, especially in places that are known to have like cartel activity, can really help you out.

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