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Kansas State: Guns Allowed Everywhere On Campus… Just Keep’em Holstered ‘Til You Need’em

MANHATTAN, KANSAS — The only way you can stop concealed carriers on a Kansas State campus is if you have security measures in place. That’s the law in Kansas. And as the Kansas State Board of Regents has yet to approve the prohibitive costs for aforementioned security measures — including secure lockers and metal detectors — concealed carriers have the freedom to go just about anywhere on campus.

That’s the recent conclusion from a Board of Regents. After university professors protested the lack of restrictions on campus, the Board of Regents was forced to consider all options. According to the Kansas City Star, until they figure this one out — concealed carry may not be prohibited.

via the Kansas City Star

“…public universities as of July 2017 must allow anyone 21 or older to have concealed firearms on campus in buildings that don’t have security measures, including metal detectors — an option widely considered cost-prohibitive for the majority of campus buildings.”

What an amazing push-back we’re getting from university professors on public university campuses where concealed carry has become legal. We’ve seen it in Texas with professors trying to pursue a federal case against the state where no law has been broken.

Now we see Kansas State professors trying to gum up the works and stop students from using their state and federally granted constitutional rights lawfully.

Never would I think to see the day where academics have so staunchly advocated for the unlawful restriction of people and their rights.

We talk about “wrong side of history” — this has got to be it.

Campus shootings have largely taken place in gun free zones where criminals have not been limited in their use of guns because there is no law abiding person with a gun to stop them.

But, somehow removing the right of people to carry guns on campus miraculously translates to fewer gun violence incidents.

We’re not buying it.

Good on the State of Kansas for making concealed carry a permitless right for all their residents. Universities will have to get really creative if they seek to restrict and denigrate tuition-paying students and salary-earning faculty members from exercising their right to defend themselves.

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