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19-Year-Old Mother of the Year Invites Man Over To Rob Him With The Help Of 3 Others, Ends Up Being Shot In The Head

CLAYTON COUNTY, GEORGIA — A 19-year-old mother and three men came up with the idea to have the young mother invite a man over to the house in order to rob him.

The bait was set, and the man who was invited over had made the trip.

Once at the house, Sijeria Parks and three unidentified men attempted to rob him. The men pulled out a gun, but the man they were trying to rob was also armed.

He fired on the men and took off, calling police.

A neighbor says that Parks showed up at their home, asking if she had been shot.

When her husband answered, she said Parks was standing there bleeding, asking if she had been hit by bullet. Before they could call 911, the neighbor said Parks collapsed on the steps.

via wsbtv.com

Parks was taken to the hospital and was listed in critical condition.

The men are still being sought by police.

It seems that the man they were trying to rob was uninjured.

It’s sad that this teenage mother, at such a young age, is tied up with things such as trying to rob people. If she pulls through, hopefully she can get on the correct path in life.

And, had this man not been armed himself, the robbery would have most definitely taken place. What else could have happened? We’ll never know, because he was prepared enough to stop the bad guys.

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