Players Bring Fans Into Dugout During Fears Of Mass Shooting Taking Place During Nationals Baseball Game

Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado, superstars on the Padres team, acted in heroic fashion when they feared the worst during last night’s game in DC. Gunshots were heard during the game, which occurred outside during a drive-by shooting, but everyone inside the stadium had no idea where the shots were coming from. The Nationals Stadium went into lockdown, with the announcer asking fans to stay put and not to leave the stadium.

Police say that two vehicles were shooting at each other just outside the stadium. The shots, heard inside as well, caused immediate panic among fans and players alike. While it wasn’t an active shooter event, I’m sure it felt like one to those in attendance.

It always brings me back to carrying in restricted areas, if still legal to do so. If you’re attending a sporting event, however, you’re likely to go through security that would include a metal detector. Taking your firearm along for the ride usually isn’t in the cards, but there are other ways (laws permitting, of course) to at least have something on your person in case you’re face-to-face with a deadly challenge.

In a stadium with thousands of people, during an actual active shooter event, you’re probably more likely to be injured during the ensuing chaos with everyone trying to rush to safety. Anytime you enter a building, whether it’s a stadium or restaurant, it’s advised to pay attention to the layout and exits, as well as places where a bad person could come from.

It’s all a part of staying safe, but last night’s events were surly an eye-opener for thousands.

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