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Teen Shot After Threatening Concealed Carrier With Fake Gun

CHICAGO, IL — A 63-year-old man was forced to use his concealed firearm against an armed robber earlier this month, resulting in a 16-year-old being shot.

The boy wasn’t alone — he and three others brandished weapons and demanded valuables. Aside from one of their intended victims being a concealed carrier, these punks were sporting fake guns.

In other words, a child was shot for no reason other than their own stupidity.

As the Sun-Times Media Wire reports:

The man was walking with another person at 6:19 p.m. in the 8000 block of South Oglesby when the 16-year-old boy and his three accomplices pulled out weapons and demanded their property, according to Chicago Police. The man then pulled out his own gun and shot the boy in his knee, at which point the other suspects ran off.

The boy’s weapon turned out to be a replica handgun, police said. He was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center in serious condition, police said. Charges against him were pending Tuesday.

It’s a horrible lesson that so many refuse to learn — if you’re holding a gun to somebody, it’s a deadly threat, replica gun or otherwise.

You are still communicating to another human being that you are both able and willing to take their life, and whether they do what you want or not — they’re still going to react as though that’s what you’re doing.

Deadly reactions to fake guns aren’t unheard of — brandishing of these fake guns is senseless, stupid, and completely unnecessary. They’re entirely the fault of those who use them as the real thing, and are all too often spun to make actual gun owners look terrible.

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CORRECTION: This article has been updated to correct an error stating that the 16-year-old was killed. He was not killed, but rather injured by a gunshot wound to his knee.

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