Homeowner Holds Intruder At Gunpoint For Free Ride To Jail

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE — When he heard someone softly tap on the door, one homeowner realized that he had moments to get ready before a potential home invasion. His readiness paid off when he managed to catch the intruder red-handed going through his girlfriend’s truck. Held at gunpoint, the intruder wisely decided to comply with the homeowner’s request to lay face down on the dirt until police arrived.

That was easy.

Before we oversimplify what just happened, let’s point out that there’s one ingredient that has to exist before a situation like this can go smoothly — readiness. This homeowner took a threat to his property and life seriously and did what he had to do to secure both.

According to the Chattanoogan, Michael Dewayne Barbee, 30, was held at gunpoint until authorities could arrive. The homeowner saw the robber came with a pair of brass knuckles. If given the chance, we can always assume a bad guy is going to attempt to fight his way in or out of a situation. That’s why we don’t give him a choice to option violence.

This brings up an important thing we’ve been meaning to discuss: how to hold a violent criminal at gunpoint until police arrive.

It’s a delicate topic that we really believe deserves its own article.

In the meantime, some basic advice: compliance is a choice. If a criminal chooses to comply, great. If he doesn’t, your life could be in grave danger.

This homeowner, like most gunowners and concealed carriers out there, wasn’t looking to end or endanger a life.

When faced in a similar circumstance, we need to be aware that there may be multiple intruders. Covering one and giving him the option of complying is opening us up to potential attack from another person. Ultimately, it’s your call and, in that given scenario, this definitely appeared to be a very good choice.

Even while we’re at home, we need to keep a firearm nearby and ready. It gives us those precious seconds to figure out what’s going on and react cogently. Sometimes, seconds is all we get.

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