Massachusetts Dems Want More Gun Control, Will Vote By Month’s End


House Democrats in Massachusetts initiated a renewed effort to overhaul the state’s gun laws with a revised bill, aiming for a vote by month’s end. This move follows complications with a prior draft, as the House plans to bypass the Senate in the initial stages.

The House Ways and Means Committee is set to conduct a public hearing, a deviation from its usual practice of joint sessions with the Senate. Post-hearing, the House aims to move the bill to a vote later this month, as per House Speaker Ron Mariano.

The new draft, crafted by Judiciary Committee Co-chair Rep. Michael Day, has seen notable changes compared to its summer version, which faced significant criticism. The revised bill still mandates firearm parts serialization, updates the ‘assault weapons’ ban, and restricts carrying guns in specific areas. However, these clauses have undergone changes from their original form. Mariano praised the committee’s responsiveness to feedback, believing the changes will enhance safety in the state.

Previously, Day proposed amendments to the state’s licensing, targeting untraceable “ghost guns”, among other measures. Mariano had aimed for a summer approval, but this was postponed to fall after private meetings with representatives. Senate Democrats had envisioned a different committee handling the legislation, causing delays to Day’s original proposal. Senate leaders have hinted at their own gun reform bill, though its drafting timeline remains uncertain.

Senate President Karen Spilka anticipates gun legislation reaching Gov. Maura Healey’s desk before the session concludes. Spilka conveyed her support for the House’s independent gun bill approach.

Contrary to usual practice, House and Senate Democrats are devising gun laws this session without the typical public hearings, leaving many proposed policies yet to be presented at such forums.


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