Multiple Neighbors Hold Man At Gunpoint After He Assaulted Woman Inside Her Home


CAVE JUNCTION, OREGON — A man was held at gunpoint by numerous neighbors after he wreaked havoc in their neighborhood. It began when the suspect, 31-year-old Justin Thurman, broke into a woman’s home and assaulted her in front of her child. He then stole property from the home and tried getting away in a pickup truck, and that’s where things got even more hectic.

While the man was driving off through the yard, he reportedly hit a parked car, smashed into a children’s play structure, then crashed into another house on the property and damaged it.

As Thurman continued trying to get away, the Sheriff’s Office said that a neighbor confronted him with a gun and shot out the tires on his truck to disable it. A group of neighbors then forced him out of the pickup and held him at gunpoint until deputies arrived.


This is one of those situations where shooting at a fleeing suspect might not be a terrible idea. If the person is acting so erratically, there is a good chance that he could kill someone with that vehicle. Stopping him is a decision that a citizen would need to make on their own, but it seems that the right call was made in this situation.

Police say that Thurman and the woman were known to each other.

Thurman faces a host of charges and was carted off to jail.

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