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Woman Fatally Shoots Man Who Broke Into Her Home And Shot At Occupants

COLDWATER, MISSISSIPPI — A man was fatally shot by a woman who authorities say was acting in self-defense of herself and others after he forcibly entered a home and shot at the occupants. The Tate County Sheriff’s Office reported that the deadly confrontation occurred around 8:30 pm Monday at a home on Oak Valley Drive near the town of Coldwater. They have identified the man who died as William Hoskins, age 63.

According to their report, Hoskins began shooting outside of the house, then broke in and continued shooting. There were three occupants inside the home at the time. One of the occupants, a woman who was familiar with Hoskins, armed herself and shot him after he entered the home. Immediately following the shooting, the woman called 911 and told authorities that she had shot and killed someone inside of the house.

Authorities have confirmed that the two knew each other but did not elaborate on the nature of their relationship. They have concluded that the woman was acting in self-defense when she shot the male suspect, and no charges have been filed at this time.

Mississippi is one of twenty-three states that has a ‘Castle Doctrine’ and one of thirty-six states that has ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.  While the legal requirements vary slightly from state to state, generally speaking, they all recognize that a person who is lawfully present and is not the aggressor has a legal right to use lethal force in defending themselves or others from an attacker.

Gun owners should take the time and make the effort to learn the laws of their home state, as well as any other states where they may visit.

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