Convenience Store Chain Looking To Hire Armed Employees To Deter Crime And Protect Customers & Employees

A convenience store chain with over 750 locations and 20,000 employees is looking to switch things up by hiring armed employees who both provide security and perform clerk tasks.

The job postings have been popular among job hunters, the rate is appealing, but you’ll need a background in security, military or law enforcement.

The company, QuikTrip, wants their locations to be safer.

A spokesman for the company said he was confident they’ve had “probably pretty significant” inquiries after advertising the position, which QuikTrip is looking to staff with certified peace officers, veterans or armed security guards.

So far, they have been testing this hybrid employee program for the last six months at a few of their locations.

According to a job description, the purpose of the hybrid employee’s role is to “deter illegal activity, theft and vandalism,” as well as protect employees, customers, visitors and the company’s property. All that will be in addition to the regular, day-to-day activities comprising a clerk’s duties.

Before you jump into an application, there are certain requirements. For example, and this varies by state, you may need a certification as an armed security officer or peace officer. Military backgrounds, as well as law enforcement, will help in the job pursuit as well.

If the QuikTrip locations all had an armed person inside, I’d be willing to bet that the crime they see would decrease dramatically.

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