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Armed Intruder Gives Up His Life After Trying To Force His Way Into Armed Man’s Home

GAHANNA, OHIO — A man is dead and his buddy on the run after they picked a home to invade that happened to have an armed occupant inside. It happened around 8:30 p.m. on October 3rd, and police are apparently looking for a second suspect.

The man reporting the incident told police someone knocked on his door and upon answering it, a man with a gun tried to push his way in. That’s when the man living in the apartment said he shot the suspect and observed a second man take off running.

When Gahanna officers responded to the scene they found two men living in the apartment, and a man on the ground with a wound to his chest.

via foxnews.com

The suspect with the gunshot wound was taken to the hospital, but did not survive his injuries.

It would seem that the armed occupant had quick access to his firearm, whether it was on his person or in a nearby location. Having that quick access is important, but equally important is trying to identify who is at your door.

Cameras play important roles in home security, especially at the entry points. Being able to get a view of who is outside can give you time to react if things look bad.

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