[OPINION] Chicago Man Who Fired Two Shots At Robber As He Ran Away Will Not Face Charges

This article is meant to solicit your opinions as to whether this man should have been charged with any crimes. The short of the story is this:

Just the other day, a man with a concealed carry permit was about to walk into a Chicago AT&T store when he noticed it was being robbed. He stayed outside in order to alert others who may try to walk in. Shortly after this, he notices the robber getting away through the back door. He follows the robber out of the store and fires two shots. The police, already in pursuit, took cover after hearing the gun shots.

Now, police say that the 86-year-old man will not face charges in this incident.

Authorities have decided not to file charges against an 86-year-old Crestwood man who fired his legal weapon at an armed robbery suspect who was fleeing police, the Cook County state’s attorney’s office said today.

The man, whom authorities would not identify, is licensed to carry a concealed gun in public, officials said. Authorities described him as a “model citizen” in Crestwood, a village of 11,000 residents in south suburban Cook County.

After reading the story, what are your thoughts? Do you feel that the gun owner was irresponsible when he fired at the fleeing suspect? Do you feel that he should be charged?

Here is our post from the other day when we shared the story. If you read the user comments, most were voicing their opinions not in favor of the concealed carry licensee.

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