#DIGTHERIG – This Guy and his Glock 22 in a CrossBreed Holster

Glock 22, Gen. 3 .40 S&W with Crimson Trace Red Laser Grip and Crimson Trace Light Guard…grip it and you get both with one hand-because I am old with old eyes.

TruGlo TFX Pro Tritium/Fiber Optic Iron Sights-again, old eyes.

Hornady 165 gr. Critical Defense Ammunition, 3/15 round magazines plus 1 chambered-you do not want to run out of ammo.

Cross Breed Snap Slide Holster and Crossbreed Double Mag. Carrier-great fit after 200 hours of break in.

SureFire (15 years young) with LED 165 Lumen Upgrade w/ Sheath

Fenix PD 10 Three Function Light w/ Sheath

Cheap Knife but VERY sharp

Equally cheap DuraMax flip phone that is drop proof and good to 1 meter under water.

All this hanging on a Bianchi 1 3/4 inch wide Double Stitch Belt-

This may seem like a lot but this equipment configuration is very comfortable. Carried everyday – all day. Tried many combinations over last 35 years-this works for me. Dress accordingly.

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