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Resident Forced To Use Lethal Force To Defend Himself In His Own Driveway

DICKSON, TENNESSEE – A man was shot after confronting a resident in his driveway Tuesday morning. The resident called 911 to report the shooting and said that the man had fled into the woods behind his home.

It occurred just after 8 a.m. on North Charlotte Street.  The resident had just arrived at his home when the suspect pulled into his driveway and confronted him.  The resident retrieved a handgun from his car as the suspect continued to advance on him.

Police said, “After the resident fired a shot into the ground, the man advanced on the resident again, chasing him around his vehicle and grabbing him before he was shot once in the chest and fell to the ground.”

According to the account that was given to investigators by the resident, the suspect “spoke to him in Spanish,” and he had “no previous interaction with him.”

The suspect was located and transported to Horizon Medical Center, where he “underwent surgery to be stabilized before being transferred to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.”

There was no word on the suspect’s condition and detectives are awaiting the opportunity to interview him. No charges have been filed and the investigation is continuing.

Once again, we see an innocent citizen in a familiar environment where he was likely very comfortable, thrust into a life-or-death circumstance in a matter of seconds and forced to defend himself with lethal force.

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