One Armed Man Versus Two Thugs: Not a Chance


CHARLES COUNTY, MD — A man was forced into a deadly firefight after thugs not only broke into his home and attempted to rob his roommate,  but then burst into the room where he was hiding and threatened his life as well.

In response, the armed citizen sent them packing and on the way to justice.

As The Bay Net reports:

The homeowner reported two male suspects kicked open his front door and, at gunpoint, demanded money. A male occupant of the house heard the robbery, grabbed a gun, and hid in a nearby room. The suspects entered the room and pointed the gun at the man who then fired shots at the suspect with the gun. Both suspects fled and were subsequently located nearby. One of the suspects had a gunshot wound to his neck. He was transported to a hospital and treated for an injury that was not life threatening.

Investigators did determine the house was targeted and this was not a random burglary. Charges are pending against the male with the gunshot wound and detectives arrested the other suspect – a 17-year-old male. He was charged with attempted robbery, burglary and other related charges.

Targeted burglaries are more often than you might think, especially during holiday season such as the one from which we are currently emerging.

It makes sense on some level — potential valuables all piled up for easy access in houses too often vacant with holiday visiting must be a tempting target.

During times like this, it’s doubly important to remain vigilant, even at home.

Keep this in mind next holiday season — stay safe out there, folks.

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