3 Dead, Including 3-Year-Old, During Meet-Up To Sell Dog, Suspects At Large

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — A tragic event unfolded on Saturday night at JTB Apartment complex, resulting in three fatalities, one being a 3-year-old child, Kae’Lynn Marie Matthews, as identified by anti-crime group Mad Dads. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) arrived around 10 p.m., discovering four individuals sustaining gunshot wounds, following a reported disagreement at the location, where five individuals had met to negotiate a dog transaction.

While the specific circumstances are still under investigation, with officials reluctant to disclose relationships citing Marsy’s law, initial investigations revealed that out of the five people who intended to meet, four were shot, leaving three dead including the child. A resident, Rachel, recounted hearing multiple gunshots and screams, expressing disbelief and fear over such incidents occurring in what’s believed to be a secure neighborhood.

Assistant Chief J.D. Stronko acknowledged the prevailing uncertainty surrounding the incident, emphasizing that investigations are in the initial phases with detectives engaged in discussions with survivors and witnesses. The perpetrators remain at large, with the pursuit intensifying for two men observed departing the crime scene in a dark vehicle. JSO has urged anyone possessing relevant information to come forward.

JSO’s data indicated that this area has witnessed 30 crimes, predominantly motor vehicle thefts, from April till date within a half-mile radius of the recent incident. Tom Hackney, a retired JSO director, highlighted the complexity and extensive forensic examination involved in resolving such multi-victim crimes.

This shocking incident has left the community in distress, with residents extending their thoughts and prayers to the affected families, hoping for a swift resolution and justice for the victims.

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