“I Wanna Rape Her And Kill Her.” Ring Doorbell Camera Captures Scary And Creepy Encounter With A Madman

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — “What I’m looking for is the girl that’s in the house here, because I’m going to rape her and kill her.” Those were the words from a man who is thankfully in police custody after being recognized by a citizen who saw him on the street.

Just before 9 pm on July 21st, the man approached a home where a woman was inside. He started talking, apparently to himself, because the woman told police that she said nothing during the encounter.

Shortly after, the woman’s husband starts talking to the suspect via the Ring doorbell camera, and the entire video is a frightening ordeal. Warning: The video below has strong and violent language.

The suspect was captured the following morning after an alert citizen recognized him from the video that had been circulating on social media.

If there were ever a case for gun ownership, this is it. If this man decided to kick that door in, who knows what he would have actually done. We share stories like this one so that people are aware of what can happen, and what does happen, on a daily basis.

Lock your doors, have a plan, and get familiar with different ways of defending yourself and your family.

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