Report: Police Shoot, Kill Man While Responding To Wrong Home

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO — Late April 5, a tragic case of mistaken identity led to the death of a homeowner in Farmington, New Mexico.

Police officers, responding to a domestic violence call, approached the wrong house on Valley View Avenue, according to KOB4.

After knocking and receiving no response, officers backed away from the door. Homeowner Robert Dotson, 52, then appeared at the door armed with a handgun.

New Mexico State Police (NMSP) spokesman Ray Wilson revealed that officers fired at least one round, striking Dotson.

His armed wife also opened fire from the doorway before realizing the individuals outside were officers. She then complied with their commands.

Dotson was pronounced dead at the scene, while his wife remained uninjured. The officers involved in the shooting were not injured and remain unidentified.

The intended address for the domestic violence call was 5308 Valley View, but officers mistakenly knocked on the door of the house across the street.

The incident has left the close-knit community in shock, as neighbors remember Dotson as a great neighbor who once saved a dog’s life.

New Mexico State Police are investigating the incident, and body camera footage is expected to be released soon.

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