Man Drives Onto Golf Course And Shoots Golfer Dead, Has 2 Other Bodies Inside Truck

COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA — A pro golfer is dead after an unidentified suspect drove a stolen truck onto a golf course where the man was playing and shot him dead. The gunman then fled on foot and is still missing.

When police investigated the truck left behind, they found two additional male bodies, both shot.

Cobb County police made the grisly discovery after the unidentified shooter gunned down golfer Gene Siller at the Pinetree Country Club near Kennesaw — only to find the other victims, the Marietta Daily Journal reported Sunday.

Police said Siller, a 41-year-old married father of two young boys, was killed after the shooter drove a white Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck onto the golf course and shot him dead.

Via nypost.com

One of the bodies was confirmed to be the registered owner of the truck. The other man has not yet been identified.

The events that led to the truck being stolen are unknown at this time, nor if there was a motive for any of the murders.

All show the need for self-defense, even while playing a round of golf.

It’s a sad world that we live in, for sure.

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