Ice-T Says He Almost Shot Amazon Delivery Driver Who Was ‘Creeping Up’ On His Home

Actor Ice-T isn’t too happy with Amazon, and had a message for the company after he says that he almost shot an Amazon delivery driver who was coming up to his home without any signs that he worked for/with the company.

I imagine that the life of a celebrity is much different than us ordinary common folk when it comes to threats. There has to be a heightened sense of security and awareness of your surroundings; more than the average person.

I will say, however, that I’ve had Amazon deliveries before (many times), and it’s rare that I can tell that they’re actually with Amazon.

But unless they’re trying to get into my home, I doubt I’ll ever have a moment where I almost shot them. They’d have to be doing something pretty suspicious for that thought to occur.

Regardless, having vests or something to distinguish them from others isn’t a bad idea at all. I’m sure that it’s an expense that Amazon can live with.

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