Is A GLOCK Carbine In The Works? Recently Filed Patents Suggest Yes, It Is

For years now, speculation has popped up on the internet about a GLOCK carbine, but it’s never gone further than that. Well, until now.

Recoilweb.com published a detailed article regarding some patents that GLOCK has filed, and it definitely points to their intentions of entering the long gun space.

If you’re not a GLOCK know-it-all, they’ve only ever produced handguns. So, this news would be huge for a number of reasons.

If you’re interested in the juicy details, head over to Recoil to check them out.

Of course the existance of patents doesn’t mean that products will be in the hands of consumers one day, but it definitely gives hope to those who have been dreaming of a GLOCK carbine. Their wish may just be beyond the horizon.

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