Robber Beat By Employees With Stick Until He Started Crying

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA — A theft attempt was foiled at a 7-Eleven store in Stockton, California when two store employees fought back. A man, his identity concealed with a blue t-shirt, was caught on video filling a trash can with boxes of cigarettes.

Despite threats to shoot the staff and dismissive comments from the onlooker filming the incident, the situation took a turn when the thief tried to pass a store employee.

A scuffle broke out and a second employee began to strike the thief with a stick, causing him to beg for mercy and claim he couldn’t walk. The man filming the incident then took it upon himself to escort the thief out of the store, warning him never to return.

The audacious thief even asked to leave with a soda, but was promptly denied. As of now, it’s uncertain if any charges will be pressed relating to this unusual event.

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