NY Now Requires COVID Vaccine With Concealed Carry Permit Because You’re “Likely To Be Within 6 Feet Of Your Attacker”


ALBANY, NEW YORK — Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order this morning that requires a COVID19 vaccine for those applying for a concealed carry permit, and also requires current permit holders to get the vaccine.

Current concealed carry permit holders would need to show proof of a full course of a COVID19 vaccine within 30 days of the executive order going into effect, which is April 1st 2021.

The requirement was put into effect because the Governor feels that it’s another step at making New Yorkers safer from the deadly virus.

“I understand the need for self-defense, but also realize that many of these encounters happen within 6 feet. If you’re a carrier of the virus and your attacker comes within that 6-foot limit, you could expose them to COVID,” the Governor said during a press conference. “Being protected with the vaccine will help ensure that everyone is protected. Just because someone is trying to rob you a gunpoint, doesn’t mean they deserve a COVID sentence.”

Cuomo was asked why there was no requirement for the attacker to get the vaccine.

“Someone carrying a gun knows that they’re going to be carrying a gun. The attacker might not have known that he or she was going to commit a crime that day. What if the opportunity didn’t come up?” Cuomo replied.

The penalty for not complying with the new law is $1,000 and/or up to 15 days in jail for the first offense, and the permeant revocation of the concealed carry permit.

This is our annual April Fools article. To see our past April Fools posts, click here.


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