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Food Truck Robber Tries to Double His Money, Quickly Served Terrifying Dose of Lead

A Thai food truck was very nearly robbed for the second time in just over a week by the exact same guy, and to one armed employee, that was just too much.

The employee tried to just lock the would-be serial robber out, but that only ticked him off. He hopped on the hood and pulled a gun, leaving the armed employee very little choice.

According to WWLTV:

According to an initial police report, after closing down for the night, the 37-year-old Boonlert recognized someone who robbed him last week approaching his truck. The victim locked the doors, but the alleged robber tried to open them before jumping on the hood of the truck and pulling out a gun.

“I saw him point a gun at me,” said Boonlert. “So I shot out, one time.”

The robber was not hit and none of the three people inside of the food truck were hurt either. However, the pair of incidents has Food Truck Coalition President Ericka Lassair worried.

“It’s a scary situation because we’re all doing jobs at night,” said Ericka. “I have a gun, but I don’t carry it and now it makes me want to carry it, but who wants to use it?”

NOPD Fourth District Sergeant Bradley Glaudi said he doesn’t think food trucks are a target.

“I would not say food trucks all around the city have to worry about this,” he said. “I would say this was a crime of opportunity.”…

An initial police report said the same truck was robbed last Wednesday night while parked at the same location. In that robbery, the victim said an armed man stuck his head into the driver’s side of the truck. The man reportedly threatened to shoot employees if they did not give him money. The employees did, and police say the man ran away.

Now, I’ve heard of returning to the scene of the crime, or hitting the same location more than once, but two attacks in the span of a little more than a week is insane.

He is extremely lucky he wasn’t shot dead.

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