14-Year-Old Dead After Attempted Home Invasion Goes Horribly Wrong (For the Burglars)

MEMPHIS, TN — A foursome of would-be robbers had their night utterly ruined earlier this summer by a vigilant homeowner who wasn’t too keen on having his place burglarized, WREG reports.

Only three would escape the encounter alive, all adults. The minor they brought with them, a boy of 14, was shot and killed during the repulsion of the attackers.

Of course, the homeowner was not charged with the murder of the child — but charges will likely see justice done.

According to police, 14-year-old Christopher Cooper, Joshua Fletcher, Justin Williams and Ashley Lutts were involved in a home invasion in the 800 block of Tuscany in Southaven on Wednesday, July 10.

The homeowner pulled a gun and opened fire on the suspects, striking Cooper. He was found in the middle of the intersection of Tuscany Way and Surrey Lane dead from a gunshot wound.

Fletcher, 25, and Williams, 30, were both charged with burglary- home invasion and capital murder. Lutts, 19, was charged with conspiracy to commit a crime.


It’s hard to fathom why any of the three adults involved in the commissioning of this crime thought it would be a good idea, or even anything less than a catastrophic idea, to bring a child into a potentially deadly situation.

Now they’ll be paying for it for the rest of their lives.

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