19-Year-Old Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To “Shoot Up A School,” Found In Possession Of Dry Erase Floor Plans And Communist Manifesto


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — Authorities have recently arrested an individual, legally named William Whitworth, who identified as Lilly, after discovering a concerning collection of materials in their home, according to an arrest record published by the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.

A large amount of trash was reportedly piled around the house, and during their search, officers found two notebooks containing alarming content.

The notebooks reportedly included drawings of a potential office attack, floor plans, sketches of a clock used as a detonation device, and lists of names.

Whitworth allegedly admitted to watching a YouTube video on creating a detonator and criticized the platform’s safety procedures.

Upon further investigation, authorities seized evidence, including a copy of “The Communist Manifesto” and a leather-bound book with a metal clasp. Inside the book, officers found a list of ways Lilly wanted to die, including being shot, burned alive, freezing, and drowning.

The book also contained detailed lists of individuals to be targeted, information on creating improvised explosive devices, and plans to attack Timberview Middle School, Prairie Hills Elementary, and Pine Creek High School.

Based on the evidence, police believe there is probable cause to charge Lilly with attempted first-degree murder.

It’s hard to disagree.

The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the local county jail.

The investigation is ongoing, and no further questions have been asked at this time.

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