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Robber Shot Dead After He Drops His Gun And His Victim Picks It Up

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — When citizens live in locations that make it near impossible to carry a firearm to defend yourself, you have to improvise.

A man was confronted by three armed men who jumped out of a vehicle and announced a robbery. The man made the decision to resist, resulting in an altercation. During this, one of the robbers dropped his gun, at which time their intended victim picked it up and fired.

That suspect who was shot was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two robbers, all said to be in their 20’s, jumped back in the vehicle and took off, leaving their fallen thug behind.

The intended victim was detained by police and later released. No charges have been filed and police are still searching for the other two suspects.

It’s not likely that residents of Los Angeles will be able to easily carry firearms to defend themselves, so until then they’ll have to either play victim, or get lucky and shoot the bad guy with their own gun. Makes sense, right?

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