[VIDEO] Security Guard Gets Jumped By Two Guys, Onlookers Don’t Care Until The Guard Draws His Gun

We live in a time when people are either afraid or unwilling to help out a fellow human being. This is an example of that, and how most will simply sit back and record what’s happening instead.

But when the security guard draws his gun and points it at the two attackers, that’s when the screams from onlookers begin.

The incident happened at a McDonald’s in Chicago, at a location where it’s reported that police have been called 35 times in the last 30 days. No wonder they need armed security.

To top it all off, Chicago Police had no idea that the incident even happened, because no one called them.


As you can see, these two thugs quickly changed their minds about attacking the man after being faced with a gun.

Maybe they didn’t know the security guard was armed, but they found out because of the poor decisions they made.

I couldn’t tell from the video if the guard’s holster had any type of retention, and the main thing that I was thinking after watching the video was; What if one of them got a hold of his gun?

When up against a thug, let alone two, maintaining ownership of your firearm is crucial. The guard handled this situation pretty well and while we aren’t sure what caused the incident to begin with, let’s hope these two attackers learned something.

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