Man Kills His Parents, Drives To Store And Guns Down Shoppers, Then Sets His Apartment On Fire


BALDWIN, MARYLAND — Police are searching for a motive as to what drove a man to kill his parents, then travel to a local convenience store at 7 am and gunned down two other people who where complete strangers.

After the killings, he then drove to his apartment and set it on fire, and then finally shooting and killing himself in the parking lot.

“As to why this occurred, we have no idea yet,” Baltimore County Police Col. Andre Davis said at a news conference. “Our homicide detectives are tirelessly investigating a motive, but it appears that the shooter acted alone.”

Police believe Green killed his parents — Douglas Green, 59, and Olivia Green, 63 — at their Baltimore County home before he drove over to a Royal Farms store in Essex just before 7 a.m. on Sunday.

Green blocked in another car in the store’s parking lot, got out and shot and killed Alpha Elizabeth, 63, while she sat in her vehicle, according to Davis. Green then entered the store and fatally shot a customer, 44-year-old Silvester Day Jr., near a cash register before wounding a store employee. Davis said the employee, a man, was in stable condition at a hospital on Monday.


Green then took his own life in his apartment parking lot after setting his apartment on fire.

He has no known previous contact with police, which likely means that he has no record of arrest.

As to why this happened, it sounds like 27-year-old Green just… snapped.

It does happen, and we should be watching for signs that present themselves to us. As for the parents and shoppers whose lives were taken too early, I wish that they were able to defend themselves against this terrible threat.

But for answers, they may never come.

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