Tow Truck Driver Shoots Man During Violent Altercation, Is Then Shot At By Another Person Nearby


HOUSTON, TEXAS — Local Sherriff’s deputies are investigating after a tow truck driver shot a man during an exchange of gunfire, after an altercation had occurred in northwest Harris County, at the 5700 block of W. Mt. Houston on July 25, 2022.

As investigators responded to reports of the shooting and arrived on scene, they identified a man that had been shot twice. This person was then transported to a local hospital by ambulance and has since been reported to be in stable condition.

According to investigators, the man had confronted a tow truck driver attempting to tow a vehicle that did not belong on the property. He then brandished a gun, which prompted the tow truck driver to retreat to his vehicle and pull out his own firearm. Afterwards, both men exchanged gunfire. At some point, the tow truck driver struck the man, who fell injured, and a family member of the fallen assailant picked up his firearm and continued to fire at the tow truck driver.

The tow truck driver ran several blocks from the scene under a barrage of bullets to wait for authorities to arrive. Several vehicles at the scene were damaged by gunfire from the shootout, but the tow truck driver was reportedly unharmed.

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