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Repo Man Fires On Car Owner After He Comes At Him With Knife, Media Gets A Few Things Wrong

The job of a repo man isn’t always an easy one, and it comes with it’s very real problems. When you’re trying to repossess someone’s vehicle after they fail to make payments, for example, things can turn ugly in a hurry.

That’s exactly what happened to a 30-year-old repo man in Detroit while he was trying to take away a vehicle. The vehicle’s owner came up behind the man while he was near the rear of the vehicle, and he wasn’t empty handed. He had a knife, and he began threatening the man for doing his job.

That’s when the CPL-holding repo man pulled out his firearm and fired at the man, striking him in the chest and stopping the threat.

In the referenced news article, the repo man was described as the ‘suspect’ and the man shot was described as the ‘victim’.

All signs point to this being a legal and legitimate self-defense shooting, and it’s sad to see those terms used when the media publishes the stories. Instead, it would seem that the man shot is the suspect, and the man who defended himself is the intended victim.

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