Florida Woman Arrested After Allegedly Shooting At Random Vehicles Driving By, Killing 1

ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA — A woman was shot and killed in Florida in January by someone who appears to be a total stranger.

According to reports, the shooter, Angila Baxter, 56, was allegedly just shooting at random vehicles as they drove past her.

You can’t make that up.

According to Fox News, law enforcement was waved down by a man claiming that a woman in a red SUV shot at him as he was driving by on Jan. 12. According to the affidavit, the car was just sitting in the middle of the road.

Another woman reportedly stepped forward and claimed that a woman in a red SUV pulled up to her car, yelling curse words that same day. That woman reportedly heard “two thumps” on her car before she drove off.

She would later find that there were bullet holes in her car.

A witness was reportedly able to identify Angila Baxter as the woman who was “shooting at cars and screaming expletives at random people in the area” from a photo lineup.

One woman wouldn’t be so lucky in her encounter with Angila, should all the reporting prove true.

Nekaybaw Collier, 27, and a wife and mother, was shot and killed, according to Fox.

Baxter has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder with a firearm, according to reports.

Law enforcement reportedly said that Baxter claimed she was being followed by multiple people when she started firing shots at random.

She also reportedly said she didn’t remember the day of the shootings outside of the memory that “multiple vehicles” were following her.

Baxter also reportedly told law enforcement that she pulled out her gun in the area that Collier was killed and shot it in the air because a woman was following her, also admitting that she shot at cars that same day.

That sounds an awful lot like having a memory of the day, and it will be interesting to see if any of that claim will survive the process she’s going to endure.

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