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Home Invasion Leaves 2 Suspects Dead and 2 More Charged with Murder After Homeowner Opens Fire in Self-Defense


COVINGTON, LOUISIANA – A home invasion left two men arrested, and two others, including the son of one of the surviving suspects, dead on December 8, 2020. Unfortunately, a 4-year-old resident of the home was also wounded but is expected to make a full recovery.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office said on December 9th that a homeowner had called to report that he had shot at four armed men who had entered his home. Two men, Renard Causey Jr., 25, of Lacombe and Justin Hill, 21, of Hammond, both died as a result of gunshot wounds. 

The other two suspects were subsequently arrested after being released from hospitals. Renard Causey Sr, 43, whose son was killed during the incident was arrested on December 11th.  Jason Leblanc, 22, was arrested on December 29th. Both men were charged with home invasion, armed robbery, and murder. The murder charges allege that the actions of the two men resulted in the death of their accomplices during the commission of the crime. 

No further information was released concerning the relationship of the child to the homeowner, and the homeowner has not been charged in the case. It was also not stated if any of the suspects fired any shots, as the incident remains under investigation.

We live in a time where many people, especially liberal politicians, question and denounce the need for high-capacity magazines for handguns and long guns, and several jurisdictions have enacted magazine restrictions.

When a home is forcibly entered by multiple armed assailants and a single occupant is attempting to protect themselves and their loved ones, 5 or even 10 rounds seems woefully inadequate given the chaos and stress levels in such an incident, and the low probability of so-called one-shot-stops on every intruder.

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