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95-Year-Old Defends Himself With Firearm Against 40-Year-Old Intruder

How can a 95-year-old seasoned citizen possibly defend himself against a strapping 40-year-old career criminal who’d just smashed his way into the old man’s home in broad daylight? You probably know the answer to this one.

Timothy Ray Jordan broke through a window in a Covington County, Alabama home and began rummaging through the house. The sound of breaking glass was enough to wake the nonagenarian from a perfectly good nap. Then . . .

[Covington County Sheriff Blake Turman] said the homeowner armed himself and caught Jordan ransacking the kitchen. He said Jordan also hurled a chair through the dining room window at some point.

According to the sheriff, the armed senior citizen did not run away. Instead, he ordered Jordan to leave. The suspect did, and the homeowner called 911, Turman said.

Deputies arrested Jordan later after chasing him into another nearby home.

As for Sheriff Turman, we weren’t previously familiar with his work, but he has a job here as a TTAG contributor if the whole law enforcement thing doesn’t work out for him . . .

“The victim protected himself and his property from a career criminal. The victim was at a disadvantage physically, but his weapon enabled him to protect himself. The investigation revealed that Jordan fled the residence because the homeowner had armed himself. Thank God this had a good ending, and the victim should be commended on his courage and quick thinking,” Turman said.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Nothin’ to see here. Move along. Just another successful defensive gun use. It happens thousands of times a day across the country, usually in the same way…without a trigger being pulled. We hope the homeowner in this instance is able to enjoy lots more un-interrupted naps in the years to come.

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG and republished with permission.

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