Store Owner Wrestles Gun Away From Robber, Fires


HOUSTON, TX — A store owner was engaged in the fight of his life when his cafe was attacked by a group of three thugs.

Two of the thugs waited in the getaway car while one came in the store, armed, and put a gun up against the owner.

He wasn’t going to take that lying down.

As KTRK reports:

The incident happened at Bambu Desserts & Drinks on 3010 Gears Rd. near Veterans Memorial around 11 a.m. Thursday morning.

Officials tell Eyewitness News the three men went into the business and tried to rob it. One of the suspects pointed a gun at the clerk’s head and demanded he open the safe. The cafe owner managed to wrestle the gun away from the suspect and fired it inside the store. A bullet shattered the front door of the business. No one was hurt.

The suspects took off, launching a search in a nearby neighborhood, where it was believed they may have escaped to. A Harris County Sheriff’s Office helicopter was spotted over the area and several deputy constable cars were seen on Walters Road earlier during the initial search.

Take a look at the surveillance video in the news coverage below, because it’s got some important information in it. The shots fired take place just after 1:20.

We need to talk about what happened here, because the store owner was in the wrong.

The owner was in the right to fight the man. In fact, if the man had continued to fight the owner after he got the upper hand, the owner would still be in the right to open fire.

That’s not what happened here. He fired on the man as he disengaged, unarmed, and ran away.

There could have been passersby hit by those rounds, which were again shot by a man firing on a non-threat.

I cant judge the owner — that fight deescalated very quickly. However, you better believe that this store owner could have landed in extremely serious legal trouble.

Stay safe out there, and stay smart out there, too.

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