Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Wife Or Girlfriend A Gun

For that special someone in your life, you want to be there to protect her. However, realistically, you can’t be there all the time. That’s why you want her to have a gun. Fine and good but before you go to your local gun store and pick her out something you think will get the job done: stop.

We’ve written a rather comprehensive article that goes step-by-step through what factors an individual should consider before purchasing a concealed carry firearm. We cover factors such as how it fits in a person’s hand to how to account for handicaps such as vision impairment. It’s a detailed process because at the end of it, you have a concealed carry handgun you can use — not just one that costs the right amount of money or looks good.

Every gun owner has his own subjective opinion about what works best. This could be determined from a lifetime of shooting a variety of handguns or just what somebody thought was clever at the time.

Making the decision to purchase a handgun for your wife or girlfriend is a very personal choice that ought be made by the individual.

The best thing you can do for your wife or girlfriend is take her shooting. Get her acclimated to different types of handguns, their function, purpose, and potential role in her everyday carry arsenal.

She doesn’t need seventeen handguns or that zebra-printed polymer pistol. She needs to choose what works best for her based upon what she is most comfortable shooting and carrying every single day.

After all, if you’re not there to protect her and she isn’t carrying a gun, that pistol is worthless. If she doesn’t feel competent in the operation of that handgun, it’s worthless.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s pink or carries four rounds or fifteen. What matters is that she made the choice of that handgun, how she intends to carry it everyday, and the commitment to do so.

  • There’s nothing wrong with going to the gun store to help her through that first purchase.
  • There’s nothing bad about taking her to the range to test out that new handgun to see if it works as well as she hoped.
  • And, if you feel competent to do so, even help her through the proper operation and take-down of the gun.

In fact, we strongly encourage all of these things.

Responsible everyday concealed carry begins with competency, accountability for the firearm, and situational awareness. The gun and the permit are both very important, too. That process, on both counts, must be undertaken by her. You can’t complete the required course and do her paperwork for her. You also can’t give her a gun that will always be suited for her needs.

And, in a lot of cases, it’s illegal to complete a straw purchase. You should never purchase a gun for anyone other than yourself. It’s not just our opinion — it’s a federal decision upheld by the Supreme Court.

Now, we can argue about the validity of the Supreme Court’s divided opinion but, ultimately, as law-abiding gun owners, we’re obliged to follow the law.

In conclusion, not only is it a great idea to let your girlfriend or wife work through their own process of choosing an everyday concealed carry handgun, it’s also a good way to stay on the right side of the law.

If you’re curious about what to get that special someone for a holiday gift, birthday, or anniversary, consider getting a gift certificate for the purchase of a gun at a local gun store or through a retailer that provides quality gun holsters for concealed carriers. Heck, maybe even consider purchasing her some range time or self-defense ammunition once she settles on a pistol that suits her needs.

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