Thanksgiving Stabbing Leaves 1 Dead, Suspect Shot And Killed By Family Member


NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — A family gathering turned deadly when one of the people at the home began stabbing another family member.

Officers said that during their investigation, the son began stabbing his mother and step-father, and that’s when another relative fired shots at the son.

Elijah Johnson, 82, died of multiple stab wounds at the scene. The second victim, 31-year-old DeFranklin Reynolds, is believed to have been Johnson’s stepson and was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.

A third victim, a 51-year-old woman thought to be Reynolds’ mother, was stabbed but remains in hospital in a stable condition.


The details surrounding what initiated the violent outburst are not known, but shows that sadly, even family members can turn on each other.

These sad moments remind us that dangers can not only come from outside the home, but from within as well. It’s never an easy thing to do, let alone talk about. But lethal force needs to be met with lethal force, even if it’s someone we may know.

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