Dog Shot And Killed By Neighbor After Attacking 11-Year-Old Girl


LORE CITY, OHIO — A dog was shot and killed by an armed neighbor after police say it began attacking an 11-year-old girl after breaking free from it’s chain.

Deputies said the dog owner advised them they had just pulled into the driveway and exited the vehicle when the Rottweiler broke its chain and ran across the driveway to where it attacked the young girl. With the dog biting the girls leg, the owner tried to get it off her and then tried to “choke out” the dog to stop the attack.

When that was unsuccessful, the owner yelled for his neighbor, who came to help due to the screams of the girl and yelling by others at the scene, to shoot the dog. The neighbor shot the dog with a .38-caliber handgun, killing it as it continued biting the girl.

via local media

The girl suffered injuries to her right leg, and the dog’s owner was injured as well, apparently during his attempts to stop the attack.

The armed neighbor’s quick actions could have very well saved this girl’s life, and at the very least saved her from more serious injuries.

After hearing the screams for help, it would seem that the neighbor didn’t hesitate much, if at all, to come to the aid of these people in need.

Some say they’d have a hard time shooting a dog in a situation such as this, but I think their minds would change quickly if they actually encounter such an attack.

Keep in mind; shooting at a moving target that’s latched onto a human being is usually not an easy task, and it takes precision and quick thinking to get it done without injuring the person you’re trying to save.

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