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California Lawmakers Approve New 11% Tax On Guns And Ammunition

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom is in a position to ratify a new levy on firearms and ammunition following the passage of Assembly Bill 28 by the Democratic members of the assembly on Thursday.

The bill, proposed by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel representing District 46 (encompassing areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties), stipulates an 11% tax on firearm sales, including precursor parts and ammunition, to be borne by dealers and manufacturers starting July 1, 2024. The revenues generated will be channeled towards gun violence prevention, education, research, and investigative initiatives.

Governor Newsom, known for his advocacy for stricter gun control measures in the state, has until October 14 to either approve or reject the bill. As of now, the governor’s stance on this specific proposal remains undisclosed, with representatives declining to comment on the matter.

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