Utah Shooting Now Considered Self-Defense

CLEARFIELD, UTAH – After initially having doubts, Layton Police are now believing that a shooting that occurred on September 1 was a case of self-defense.

The two men who were at the center of the dispute were seen fighting over a weapon that lead to the man who was shot, Dustin Acosta, to walk into a local hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound in the torso.

According to Assistant Police Chief Devin Rogers, one man brandished a firearm at the second man. The first man, Acosta, was the one who was shot and is now suspected of third-degree felony aggravated assault.

The alleged victim of the case was pulled over by Layton Police and was cooperating with law enforcement.

While the man who was the victim was unarmed, he seemingly fought off an alleged attacker and gained control of the weapon and preserved his life.

It has not been announced if the alleged victim will be facing charges, but local police indicate that will not be the case.

Ideally, it would be best if the victim had been armed and could have avoided having to fight over the weapon of the attacker, but the worst-case scenarios of close combat with a firearm are within the realm of possibilities.

This is a primary example of continuing to remain vigilant and being trained with your concealed carry weapon for any random scenario.

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