Armed 7-Eleven Clerk Shoots And Kills Robber Armed With Screwdriver

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA — A 28-year-old man is dead after police say he tried robbing a 7-Eleven store Sunday night with a screwdriver, only to be shot and ultimately killed by an armed employee at the location.

Police say Javier Garcia went into the store around midnight and attempted a robbery while using a screwdriver as a weapon, but an employee was armed with a gun and shot Garcia. He was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries.

No other injuries were reported. Police have not released the name of the employee who shot Garcia.

Armed security was sent to the store after the failed robbery attempt. The guards are said to rotate between locations in the area. Even with the potential of armed security, this employee made the decision to carry at work, likely because they’re aware that they are always their own first responder.

Many factors come into play, and we don’t know every detail of this incident. Was the armed employee trapped? Were they able to retreat? How do Virginia self-defense laws play into this particular incident? I’ll try to follow up with this to see if any charges are filed against the armed employee, but my gut says it won’t happen.

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