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[VIDEO] Warning Shots Are A Terrible Idea, And Many Bad Guys Simply Don’t Have A Care In The World

If you ever find yourself up against a truly bad person, chances are they have many less ****’s to give in life than you. With that, they’re more likely to not care –at all– that you’re in front of them blasting off warning shots.

There are many reasons not to fire warning shots, including but not limited to:

  • What goes up must come down
  • Decreases your round capacity
  • Possible problems with the law

When a firearm is drawn, especially for a civilian, it means that you are in real danger of severe bodily injury or death. That doesn’t mean fire a warning shot. Of course no one ever wants to shoot another person, but if that warning shot doesn’t work, you’re going to likely have to do that anyway.

The incident below was between a man with a knife and authorities, and many warning shots were fired and the guy with the knife simply didn’t care at all. He was on whatever mission, and those shots weren’t making him stop what he was doing.

It wasn’t until someone shot him in the leg that the fiasco ended.

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