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Driveway Dispute Turns Dangerous: Palm Coast Man Pulls Gun On Woman

PALM COAST, FLORIDA — Terry Vetsch, a 60-year-old resident of Palm Coast, faced charges of aggravated assault following a confrontation sparked by a minor driveway dispute, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office reports. Vetsch allegedly went out to confront another man briefly using his driveway for vehicle maneuvering, an action he spotted on his security system.

Brandishing a handgun, Vetsch confronted the driver outside. As the argument escalated, a female friend of the driver intervened. Subsequently, Vetsch pointed his gun at her, an act caught on video. Vetsch justified his action by claiming the woman’s confrontational behavior posed a threat, warning her to stay off his property.

He confessed to preparing his firearm for potential use during the confrontation. Initially, Vetsch believed the driver was a neighboring property owner with whom he had experienced multiple disputes in the past.

Post-release on a $50,000 bond, Vetsch received orders to avoid any contact with the involved parties and surrender all firearms and ammunition. Sheriff Rick Staly of Flagler County issued a warning that uncontrolled anger often results in unfavorable outcomes, metaphorically referring to the local jail as “the Green Roof Inn.”

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