Liquor Store Employee Shoots And Kills Armed Robbery Suspect


WHITTIER, CA — When a pair of thugs came into a local liquor store hoping to intimidate the staff, make some cash, and God knows what else, they weren’t expecting there to be a whole lot of resistance.

I mean, how many store clerks are armed?

Fortunately for us, this one was, and despite a brief exchange of gunfire, he remained uninjured.

As the Whittier Daily News reports:

Whittier police Sgt. Willie Lawson said the store clerk was not injured during the suspected attempted robbery that took place around 10 p.m. at Bottle House Liquor, 6018 Norwalk Blvd. Whittier police spokesman Officer John Scoggins said two men entered the store wearing hooded sweatshirts and with their faces partially covered. The clerk told police he saw at least one of the men had a handgun.

The clerk produced his own handgun.

“There was an exchange of gunfire,” Scoggins said. He didn’t know if the suspects said anything before the shooting.

One man took off. The second man was wounded and died inside the store, according to Scoggins. He said officers have not recovered the gun used by the robbers, but there was evidence they fired a weapon.

Scratch one bad guy.

You would think that with the near-constant stream of incidents in which a thug is taken out by a watchful, armed citizen, robbery might decline a bit.

I guess that’s too much to hope for.

In the mean time, remember to carry. We have a responsibility to help protect our communities to the best of our ability, and this clerk could not have done so because he left his defensive tool at home.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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