What’s The First Gun You Ever Carried, And Do You Still Carry It?

I’ve been through more guns than the average person, but that’s mainly because there are many that are sent to review. It’s a huge perk that comes with the job. No, I don’t get to keep them. No need to be exceedingly jealous.

Having been through and shot a lot of handguns, my tastes haven’t really changed all that much throughout the years.

It all started with a Ruger SR9c, which was my first purchase and first gun that I ever carried. Roughly after a year, it was retired. It’s nothing against the gun or the design, or the company. I just had a lemon. Long story short, it went back a few times and Ruger did a fantastic job on the customer service end, but we could never resolve the problem.

So, it became a range gun.

My second purchase, which was just a few weeks after the Ruger, was a Glock 27. Once I was comfortable with it at the range, it became my new carry gun. That lasted for about 2 years. Then, it became a Glock 26.

It’s still a Glock 26, mainly, as there are two others that get somewhat of a rotation:

  • Glock 26
  • FN FNS 9c
  • Springfield XDs 9mm

The point is, it took me a while to find a ‘perfect’ carry gun. There is no such thing, in my opinion, but it’s close.

Anyway, that’s my story in a nutshell. Do you still carry the first gun you ever carried?

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