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Burglar Shot, Killed While Attempting To Enter CA Home. Don’t Forget How Quickly An Invasion Can Occur.

HESPERIA, CALIFORNIA — Two men were inside a home shortly before 3 am Monday when they heard someone pounding on their front door, and that person eventually made his way inside.

At least one of the men inside was armed, and took quick action.

31-year-old Julian Robert Sanchez Garcia was shot dead by the armed resident, and it is not clear whether Garcia was armed himself.

The two men said they did not know Garcia. They were brought to the San Bernardino County sheriff’s station in Hesperia and were cooperating with investigators.

via abc7.com

It is also not clear if the two men inside were awake or asleep during the home invasion. It is, however, clear that we should do what we can to be prepared in any event.

If they were asleep, was a firearm easily accessible close by, so they could get to it in the few seconds that it takes an invader to make entry?

If they were awake, how far from their firearm(s) were they, and how quickly could they be ready to fight if (when) someone comes through the front door?

As a reminder, here is just one of lots of video evidence that shows how quickly a home invasion can go down.

Whether or not Garcia was armed, it’s still justified to use deadly force if a person enters your home by force. At that point, you have a reasonable fear for your life, and can take actions to negate that threat, including the use of deadly force.

No injuries were reported for either occupant.

Garcia was pronounced dead at the scene.

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